Sex Magazine, Issue 12

Sex Magazine, Issue 12

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Sex Magazine is an independent art, culture and fashion publication based in New York. Originally inspired by the independent magazine renaissance at the turn of the millennium, (Index, Butt, Made in USA) Sex sought to cultivate its own culture, channeling the digital-native, lo-fi aesthetic of an unregulated internet. Almost entirely interview based, the stories collected in Sex are honest, accessible, and non-academic, giving a direct voice to alternative attitudes and approaches towards both art and life.

In the issue: Anna Khachiyan, Mathieu Malouf, Ada Rook, Negative XP, Eli Keszler, Isabella Lovestory, Jiro Konami, Janicza Bravo, John Wilson, Abel Ferrara, Samuel Delany, Delicious Tacos, Honor Levy, and more!

8 x 10.5", 127 pages
Edition of 1000

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