Tank, Spring 2024

Tank, Spring 2024

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Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

In the issue: Cultural theorist Anna Kornbluh on the insidious style of too-late capitalism; exclusive new fiction by Anna Serre; in conversation with Victor Burgin, our most profound interrogator of the image; Benjamin Bratton ends up in deep space; totally immersed in Gucci; Anton Jäger's gathering crowds; upping the game with Oliver Payne; Hannah Zeavin on the telepath and psychoanalysis; Omer Asim on losing Sudan; immediate architecture with Pollyanna Rhee; craft work with Louboutin; Xiaopeng Yuan's attention economy; cult filmmaker Bruce LaBruce; contemporary myth-maker Anna Biller; bard of the short-term let Holly Pester; artist from the Far North Shuvinai Ashoona, and more!

As always, each issue includes a sticker sheet. Some of the stickers included in this issue will be affixed to the cover. Tank Magazine always comes this way, we do not affix the stickers. Cover sticker arrangements will vary, and as always, remaining stickers will be included on the sticker sheet in the issue.

9 x 12", 304 pages