Arena Homme+ 46, W/S 16/17

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Arena Homme+ is a men's high fashion magazine published biannually out of the United Kingdom.

Issue highlights: The Balenciaga Moment by David Sims, Lotta Volkova & Dan Thawley; Prada in Mongolia by Sean + Seng; Lanvin in Marseille by Pieter Hugo, Carlos Nazario & James Sherwood; Gosha Rubchinskiy: Fila Kappa Florence Casual by Juergen Teller & Gosha Rubchinskiy; Don't Sleep on Emporio by Mel Bles & Tom Guinness; Grace Wales Buffalo by Jamie Morgan, Tom Guiness and Grace Wales Bonner; Fragile Fiction by Wolfgang Tillmans; Bonus by David Sims; Eyeballs & Hairloss by Jeurgen Teller & Max Pearmain; I Love My Mum, I Love Germany by Juergen Teller and Lars Eidinger; sticker sheets by David Sims and so much more!

9 x 12", 550+ pages


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