C-Heads Issue 33

C-Heads Magazine, Issue 33

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c-heads magazine is a snapshot of youth culture featuring photography, fashion, music, art and culture. Exclusive stuff. Sexy stuff. Biannual. Vienna, Austria.

Summer. Lovers and strangers.

In this issue: A talk with Richard Kern; Strangers, Friends & Summer Stories: A journey through Brasil by Benjamin Askinas, Words by Kirsten Judson; Scarless: A Film and Story by Lagoon Collective; A talk with Teresa Oman photographed by Fox Harvard; Every Summer Has A Story: photography and words by Laura Kampman; My Erotica:
A place for erotic literature and discourse by Kate Eringer photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz; A talk with Chloe Nørgaard, photographed by Justin Polkey; Smells Like You and Me, photography by Caroline Mackintosh; A talk with Bradley Soileau, photographed by Nicole Anne Robbins; If I know what Love is, It is Because of You: Amina Blue photographed by Matt Adam; A talk with Marianna Rothen; Love or
words by Kate Eringer - photography by Caroline Mackintosh; What Does Love Sound Like?, photography by Marcus Solomon; The Process Of What You Go Through
When You Talk To Someone You Like; A Story by Inny Taylor, photography by Carla Tramullas; We All Start As Strangers, photography by Palma Wright; Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic., photographed by Sophie Mayanne; A talk with
Ainsley and Sebastien of Sticks and Stones Agency, photographed by Janneke Storm; Cacia Zoo, photography by Sticks and Stones Agency; Soul Mates, photography by Felipe Cuartas.

8.5 x 11", 152 pages
1200 copies limited