HEROINE, Issue 6 - Dangerous Youth Part 1

$18.00 CAD

HEROINE magazine focuses on fashion and culture and is published biannually out of the United Kingdom. HEROINE and HERO speak to each other, bonded by each issues' common theme.

Issue contributors include: Anna Victoria Best, Ari Marcopoulos, Ben Lamberty, Dafy Hagai, Daisy Walker, Emma Summerton, Faith Silva, Harry Eelman, James Robjant, Lasse Dearman, Laura Jane Coulson, Lucie Rox, Magdalena Wosinska, Myro Wulff, Paolo Zerbini, Paride Calvia, Sam Nixon, Sam Rock, Steph Wilson, Thurstan Redding, Ai Kamoshita, Alison Marie Isbell, Courtney Kryston, Katelyn Gray, Oliver Fussing, Patricia Villirillo, William Barnes, Zadrian Smith, Zarina Humayun, Alice Simkins, Charles McQuaid, Clementine Zawadzki, Kaya Strehler, Kinza Shenn, Lindsey Okubo, Rob Mean, and many more!

9 x 12", 240 pages


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