i-D, Issue 360 - The Connectivity Issue

i-D, Issue 360 - The Connectivity Issue

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Ideas, fashion, music, people; the original fashion and style bible. i-D magazine began as a fanzine dedicated to the street style of punk-era London in 1980 and soon became essential reading for the fashion-aware. i-D has now developed in to a glossy magazine that documents fashion and contemporary culture. United Kingdom. 

From the editors: "Cultural pioneer Pharrell Williams speaks to long-time friend, collaborator and the planet’s most restless rapper, designer and architect Kanye West, from Miami Beach and Wyoming respectively. The two have collaborated and toured the world together throughout the 21st century, but they are, above all, friends. At home during lockdown, the duo reflect on when they first met, the importance of Virginia to Black music, optimal creativity during lockdown, and how we all must act together to bounce back from the impact of a world temporarily drawn apart, exclusively for i-D’s new issue."

Also in this issue: LGBT+ Charity Workers; Na-Kel Smith; Arca; Teyana Taylor; Michèle Lamy; Mowalola; GmbH; Bottega Veneta; Fahion Post-Pandemic, and more! Plus works from Wolfgang Tillmans, Harley Weir; Ibrahim Kamara; Tyler Kohlhoff and Lana Jay Lackey; Carlos Nazario and more.

9 x 12", 400 pages