LAW, Issue 4

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"We are interested in making fashion accessible by challenging perceptions that it's an elitist world and showing that it surrounds us all. We hope to appeal to butchers and builders, everyday boys who wouldn’t mind reading a fashion magazine if only they could appreciate and relate to the content." Biannual. United Kingdom.

In this issue: Plasterboard Portaits Mitchell Collins - Wall Boys, Terrace Casuals Collections Robert Brooks - Adidas Collector, Joshua Checkley - Weave, Tom Holt & John Holt - Fenland Rivers, Luke Stephenson - Cider For A Fiver, Tom Holt & John Holt - Pill Boxes/Air Raid Shelters, MacDonaldStrand - Headlines from, Bad Things Happen to Good People, Corey Bartle-Sanderson - Evening Standard Bearers, Tom Holt - St. Mary's Mepal, Church Kneel Cushions, All Type No Face - Barb, Joseph Bond - Hackney Estate Maps, Dave Imms - Under The Arches, Andre Street Mechanics, Elliott Kennedy - Bond Street Security Guards, Nina Manandhar - The Brentwood Sweep, Corey Bartle-Sanderson - Sightseers, London, John J. Holt - London Trees Hype Caitlin Price - Next Stop Penge, Will Robson-Scott, Joe Conrad Williams - Chicken Box Fox, The Lynn, Wigan Young Souls Objects Cieron Magat - Meme, Joe Conrad Williams - British Weeds, Thorn, Joe Conrad Williams - British Weeds, Thistle, Bruno Drummond - Eau De LAW Heroes Nicky Blackmarket, Roger Bond, Scott King - A Balloon For Britain Words - Monoprints John J. Holt - Christo's, Joseph Prince - Riders, Joseph Prince - Skivers, Billy Beddow - Countenance Ones To Watch Billy Bolton & Joe Wilson.

8.25 x 11.5"

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