Let's Panic, Issue 2

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Let’s Panic is a New York based biannual publication committed to exploring the creative. Each story is a collaboration between editors and contributors which result in a cultural statement of individuality that transcends the ordinary and allows opportunities to evolve in an arena free of constraints. The result is a surprising curation of mixed talent. Honoring the art of publishing and magazines, it strives to solidify the importance of the physical printed image and word by producing an artfully crafted object.

Issue Contributors: Rita Ackermann, Frank B., Jeff Bark, Jake Begin, Judy Blame, Ben Blatt, Dan Colen, John Crawford, Sam Crawford, Carl Johan De Geer, George Dureau, Boo George, Kava Gorna, Raina Hamner, Robert Hawkins, Greg Kadel, Johan Kugelberg, Julien Langendorff, Mark Lebon, Nate Lowman, Kunle F. Martins Jr., Matt McAuley, Suffo Moncloa, Glenn O’Brien, Bob Recine, Theo A. Rosenblum & Chelsea Seltzer, Lola Schnabel, Nick Sethi, Dave Schubert, Kate Simon, Theo Sion, Mario Sorrenti, Jennifer Starr, David Strettell, Neville Wakefield, Jack Walls, Aaron Ward, Damien Whitmore, Yelena Yemchuk. Issue accompanied by 72 page supplement by Nick Waplingon.

11.25 x 15.25"

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