Modern Matter, Issue 6

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Modern Matter is a biannual publication that records the ways in which new and developing technology affects style and culture, as well as providing a focus on contemporary and conceptual art. United Kingdom.

"De Stijl" - Spring Summer 2014

In this issue: In and Out of Fashion, by Osamu Yokonami; Girls, Old and New, Urs Fischer as seen by Olu Odukoya; Alasdair: Neo/Retrospective, by Alasdair McLellan; Internet of Gendered Things, by Adam Rothstein; Best of BOMB, the Modern Matter edit; What's The Point Of It?, Martin Creed by numbers; Look Eight, Dries Van Noten; Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man, Warhol, death & the Veblen Effect; Obituaries, Adam McEwen; Snake Pants, Fashion.

8 x 11"

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