Modern Matter, Issue 7

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Modern Matter is a biannual publication that records the ways in which new and developing technology affects style and culture, as well as providing a focus on contemporary and conceptual art. United Kingdom.

"Postmodern" - Autumn / Winter 2014

In this issue: On Tactility by Ashitha Nagesh; Dutch Perspective, fashion by Blommers & Schumm; Before the Biennale, Sarah Lucas' photgraphic archive; Eddie Peake at the ICA, in discussion with Gregor Muir; The ICA Bulletin, Since 1949; Art & Digital Property, by Adam Rothstein; Paris by Surprise, Fashion by Max Farago; Modern Painters, Kerry James Marshall & Oscar Murillo; The White Cube, by Jon Wright; Zurich & Elsewhere, Modern Swiss Art, Moonlighting, Fashion by Robi Rodriguez; Why Koons Made Jackson White, by Philippa Snow; Automobile by Olu Odukoya and more!

8 x 11"

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