Novembre, Issue 9

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Under the candid caption "art practices and innovations in Switzerland and elsewhere", Novembre activates intergenerational discussions, producing international content that explores the critical stakes inherent to the Swiss identity: its neutrality notably fortifies its supposed integrity and inviolability, whilst placing the Confederation in an extremely productive and influential position within the arts on a global level.

Through the organic association of fashion, design and art, Novembre highlights the products which proliferate in schools, studios, galleries, showrooms, institutions, trade shows, fairs, hotels and bank lobbies and living rooms – addressing issues of integration, independence, equality, and exchange. Biannual. Switzerland.

In this issue: High Jewelry and Beauty; Disruptive Berlin; Miss; Basic Zone; Special Giorgio Armani; Wraithbabe #1: Cécile; Biographie D'un Singe Anonyme (Scénario); Openinghours; Happy Baby Gallery; Colocation, Time Displacement; Soft As Rain; Tremours in London, Tremours in Paris; Some Kind of Special Knowledge; On An Art Journey: Curating As An Expedition; Joan Ayrton; Surreal Ghetto; Stefan Ruitenbeek.

8.25 x 11"


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