PYLOT, Issue 03 - AW15

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PYLOT Magazine is a London based bi-annual art and fashion publication with all-analogue content and no beauty retouching. The 'Status Quo' issue which is about analysing and taking apart the ordinary.

Issue features: Objects, Bridie Riley; Jane Hilton, Cheryl Newman; Photographing The World, Anna Sanders; Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts, Paul Shiakallis; Everyday Folk, Andrew Bruce and Anna Fox; Of Warp and Weft, Anna Sanders; Jaywick, Bex Day; The New Age Phobia of Glossolalia, Phoebe Colley; Roger Ballen - Happy Happy, Ethel Bess; Santa Sangre, Paolo Zerbini; Ciarán, Éamonn Freel; Weekend at Wendy's, Henry Gorse; Liznojan, Alex Wood; The Measure of a Man, Henri Ward; On the Fringe, François Pragnère; For the Love of London, Rachel Speed; Overpopulation, Trends and Formation, Max Barnett; Bones and Bygones, Jack Davison; The Runaways, Roger Charity; Outside Her, Tom Johnson; Gods and Monsters, Michael Handrick; Empty Days, Paddy Summerfield, and more!

8 x 11.5", 210 pages


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