Reference Picture Book

Reference Picture Book

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Reference Picture Book is a collection of photographs by Justin Aranha and Nariman Janghorban, in collaboration with some of Toronto's top creative talents. Each copy is an edition of 100. 

Issue features and contributors include: Nariman Janghorban, Justin Aranha, Zanana Piñas, Camille Rojas, Allegra Christie, Steph George, Talvi Faustman, Ronnie Tremblay, Maryam Keyhani, Tami El Sombati, Quentin Collier, Brandon Hurtado Sandler, Wanze Song, Nadine Mos, Eliza Faulkner, Halyna Sadovy, Jooyeon Kim, Randi Bergman, Eva Tolken, Corey Moranis, Christine Jairamsingh, Summer Ellis, ByPseudonym, Romany Williams, Mick Carter, Samuel Fournier, Benjamin Evans, Amanda Hicks, Marta Cikojevic, Alyssa Manuel, Natalissa DaSilva, Andi Liga, Nadia Gohar, Susan Khan, Nafisa Kaptownwala, Marilyn Mansion, Lee Dekel, Anastasia Patellis, Katie O'neil, Tiff Ramos, and more!

8 x 10", 142 pages
plastic comb binding

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