Tank, Autumn 2019

Tank, Autumn 2019

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Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

In this issue: Nell Zink toys with self-sabotage; Joshua Citarella on World of Warcraft; the linguistic wordplay of Justin E.H. Smith; Aaron Bastani game the system; Ana Maria Nicolaescu deconstructs Roblox; Play well at the Wellcome Collection; K. Mehmet Kentel traces board game's imperial history; Will Stronge assesses the future of work; the story behind Allbirds' sustainable shoe; Jon Rafman's Dream Journal; McKenzie Wark announces the death of capital; Antje Peters takes a spin with the Discobolus; Gourau & Phong in 3D; Zara Pfeifer documents the playrooms of Vienna's Alterlaa; Tamsin Topolski takes shape; CAConrad. Plus: Lucia Pietroiusti; Ben Grosser and Katie Mitchell, and more! (And stickers!)

9 x 12", 304 pages

Please note: cover sticker arrangement may vary.