Tank Magazine, Epoch. Autumn 2018

Tank Magazine, Epoch. Autumn 2018

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Tank Magazine celebrates 20 years! Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

In this issue: YES? by Masoud Golsorkhi UNDER THE INFLUENCE by Caroline Issa TANK YOU, COME AGAIN: merch madness. Photography by Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie, styling by Alice Ray KISSY FACE: the art of lipstick. Artwork by Freya E. Morris SCENTS OF TIME: amaranthine delights from Alexander McQueen PRECIOUS ONES: the finest jewellery of the season. Photography by Ulrike Rindermann, styling by Grace Alexander SPORTMAX: clean lines sharp edges. Photography by Paolo Barbi, styling by Luca Balzarini and Andrea Volonté BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS: photography and styling by Sarah Khamisi STEP IT UP: the most elegant styles of Autumn/Winter 2018, elevated. Photography by Sergiy Barchuk, styling by Sissy Sainte-Marie WHAT KIND OF TIME DO YOU CALL THIS by Axis Mundi RED ALERT photography by Marc Hibbert, styling by Benoît Bèthume SHALLOW TIME by Will Wiles FLASH FICTION by Lynne Tillman TRUST GAMES photography by Boris Camaca, styling by Hamish Wirgman MUSIC FOR CAR ALARMS (1998–2008) by Benjamin H. Bratton DEVIL’S TUNES by Ella Plevin and Benjamin Filby NOW AND THEN by Tom Morton PITCH IT TO ME by Natasha Stallard FIERCE JOY by Christabel Stewart ORDER & CHAOS by Martha Henriques OPEN CITY: photography by Devin Blair, styling by Ruth Higginbotham LIVING WITH BUILDINGS by Emily Sargent FEVER DREAMS photography by CG Watknins, styling by Nobuko Tannawa VICTOR BURGIN: ON APPARATUS by Thomas Roueché FIGURE EIGHT by Dena Yago AFTER DARK photography by Rob Kulisek, styling by David Lieske HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED THE NATURE OF YOUR REALITY? by Philippa Snow HELL FOR LEATHER photography by Anthony Seklaoui, styling by Bobby Hook LESS BULLSHIT PLEASE by Jan-Peter Westad A WRITER IN RESIDENCE: SUZY HANSEN by Masoud Golsorkhi AQUATIC APES by Peter Lyle THE SEVEN WORKS OF MERCY photography by Hellen van Meene ANDREAS LAEUFER: “We didn't want to be confined to an established grid like other magazines” VAHNI CAPILDEO: “This country has a particular heritage where a particular sort of person is imagined as the poet” DUANE MICHALS: “If it squawks like a photograph and walks like a photograph, it is a fucking photograph” ISABEL LEWIS: “Human obsolescence is the perfect get-out-of-jail-free card” JAMES LUCAS: “Making films is kind of like partaking in the dark arts” REMO RUFFINI: “Moncler is continuously evolving, while keeping its roots alive” SAMIR HUSNI: “A magazine reflects the society we live in like nothing else” MALCOLM HARRIS: “I have no interest in laziness” NICOLE ARAGI: “I don't like most of the terms used to define or divide writers” DUNYA MIKHAIL: “The men of Daesh call the captured women sex slaves, while Abdullah calls them queen bees” MIRROR MIRROR: Hamishi Farah.

9 x 12", 336 pages

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