TISSUE, Issue 4

$25.00 CAD

A biannually published exquisite art manual on the edge of fashion, fetish and humanity. Germany.

In this issue: Sausage parties in pools or at home, The ol' sheet-with-a-hole game, diary of a french fashion publisher, racy fetish gear, true love, freedom, modern Dutch psychedelia, blondes, contemporary Indonesian architecture, Angry Jenny, graffiti, sex, and Ukrania. With special contributions from Olivier Zahm, Martin Eder, Ayzit Bostan, Adrian Crispin, Maxime Ballesteros, Hart + Lëshkina, Rotganzen, Nico Krijno + Mignonne van Eeden, Angga Pratama, Marili Andre, Tim Bruening, Britta Thie, Lina
Grün, Marianne Maric, Ivgheny Kosthin and Sasha Kurmaz.

7.7 x 11.75"

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