Violet, Issue 4

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Uniting internationally established women in the fashion and creative communities, Violet invites the most talented and highly sought-after female photographers, stylists, editors, artists and writers in the world to collaborate and make each issue of Violet a landmark. The Violet book is published biannually out of the United Kingdom. 

Issue highlights: Brain Storms: Georgia Ford on learning to live without epilepsy; Moment of Grace: Maëlle Poésy on the importance of laughter; The Woman Alone: Leigh Janiak discusses a woman's perspective on the horror genre; Curiouser and Curiouser: growing braver with Geraldine Chaplin; Into the Lives of the New: on the opposite of loneliness; Why Do I Have To Learn This?: Around the world in eighteen months; New York Dolls: how to be a New York City girl; The Disasters of Sofia; Electric Ladyland; Natural High Butterfly; Go To The City You'll Come Back Again; Mistress Myself: Kate Winslet remains the happily-ever-anchor of authenticity; Speaking of Dreams: the strange and magical stories within the Miu Miu Women's Tales; Wild Things; Our Steps Will Always Rhyme: there is no determined model for making a family, and much more!

8.5 x 11.25", 237 pages

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