WAX Magazine, Issue 6 - Secrecy

$22.00 CAD

WAX is a bi-annual print publication exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York City. United States.

In this issue: KYLE ALBERS with Kris Chatterson; TOM ADLER with Rob Kulisek; AMY YAO with Drew Heitzler; CHAD ROBERTSON with Aeriel Brown; CONNAN MOCKASIN & TIM KOH with Bernard Chadwick; CRISTOBAL by Users; STRANGE ENCOUNTERS by Rob Kulisek & Emily Larned; LOCATION UNKNOWN by Dom, Drew, James, Ryan & TColla; IN PURSUIT by Luke & Nik; TWO ROCKAWAYS by Banjo McClachlin; WONDERLAND by Patrick Romero; TO SHIZUOKA by Kazuhiro Terauchi; ATLANTIC WALL by Jaap Proost; STRAWBERRY BASKETS with Nick Lynn; READING THE BOOK OF WATER by Margaret Cohen; ROCKAWAY, 1953 by Mickie Mienhardt.

8 x 10.5"


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