WAX Magazine, Issue 7 - Immersion

$22.00 CAD

WAX is a biannual print publication exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York City. United States.

In this issue: Lisa Tan with Nicholas O'Brien; Troy Mothershead with Kris Chatterson; Charles Atlas with Carmen Winant; Leah Dawson with Aeriel Brown; Emilie Halpern with Sydney Russell; A Night at the Disco by Donnie Hedden; Sight Lines by Sacha Maric; Refracted Rays by Harry Griffin; Through The Glass by Nick LaVecchia & Ryan Struck; Changing Room by Sacha Maric; Double Vision by Anne Vieux; Fish Eye Fish: Diver In A Fish Bowl by Margaret Cohen; Soundtrack To A Session, Andrew Kidman with Tyler Breuer; Those Are Pearls by Elena Schilder; It Doesn't Not Work; Sky Water by Geoffrey Hilsabeck, and more!

8 x 10.5", 128 pages


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