I live in Toronto, can I pick up my order in-store rather than pay for shipping?
Yup! Just select the 'customer pick up' option when choosing your shipping method at checkout. No shipping charges will be applied.

I'm picking up my order in the shop. When will it be ready for me to collect it and what will I need to present in order to have it released?
Orders are packed right away, so you can stop in as soon as you want! Just make sure you come during shop hours so you don't waste a trip. If you are picking up an order you must give your full name, postal code and order number in order for your package to be released.

I live outside of North America, my order has been shipped but it's not here yet. Can you tell me where it is and when it will arrive? I didn't pay extra for tracking.
Unfortunately not. There is no way to track a shipment unless there is an associated tracking number. If you'd rather know when to expect your package, or if your package is of value to you, we always recommend a tracked shipment.

Why is does my order cost so much to ship? Shipping seems a bit expensive - does it really cost that much?
All of the products for sale on our website are grouped in to categories based on their general weight and folded dimensions. These specs helps us predetermine their approximate cost to ship, based on Canada Post shipping rates. Unfortunately shipping within and from Canada can be a bit costly, but we promise never to over charge our customers! In the event that we over-shot the shipment weight, and the actual cost to ship is $5 (or more) less than pre-paid by you, we always refund the difference.

Why do magazines cost so much to ship?

Magazines are pretty heavy, and weight greatly increases shipping costs. Sorry - wish it weren't so.

I have a brand/magazine that I'd like you to sell. How can I get your attention?
Thanks for showing interest in our shop! Please email all brand/magazine submissions, per our contact page. Please DO NOT cold call us here in the shop either in person or by phone. Note that we receive an overwhelming amount of submissions and that we simply can't respond to everyone.

I'm a stylist, do you allow pulls for shoots?

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