032c, Issue 42

032c, Issue 42

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A contemporary fashion, art and culture publication published biannually. Berlin.

From 032c on the issue: The 032c Issue #42 dossier penetrates the fortress of avant-garde boyband slash Swedish rap collective Drain Gang, palace of BLADEE, ECCO2K, Thaiboy Digital, and Whitearmour. Cassidy George scales the Witchtower to decipher Drain Gang’s auto-tuned iconology, and decode a lexicon looted from the Reddit abyss.

On a separate odyssey, Kim Kardashian escapes Hollywood with Collier Schorr and Ras Bartram to a realm cohabited by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the Brothers Grimm, and a miniature replica of herself. Hunder Schafer shows Jason Nocito and Jordan Richman how to take control of the storyline, and Anselm Kiefer welcomes Juergen Teller and Sven Michaelson into his world built from the rubble of empire. Berlin rap prince UFO361 gives Matt Lambert and Sascha Ehlert a tour of the nine circles of Kreuzberg, and 070 Shake disappears into a pyrotechnic fog for Eric Johnson, sharing her nesting doll theory of the universe with Samuel Hyland. Cinematic sage Werner Herzog commands Peter Körte – and the rest of us – to bring the world to its knees, and Shumon Basar eulogizes his life-long spiritual guide: Jean-Luc Godard. Out in cyberspace, video game creator Hideo Kojima 3D-scans Errolson Hugh, then casts him as a player in a bespoke virtual sandbox. The infinitely Parisian Pierre-Ange Carlotti takes us to the oasis in Bir Hakeim and Zac Bayly steps Vuitton through the looking glass in Oceania.

PLUS: Showjumper Dani Waldman, queen of the micro-track PinkPantheress, stylist Peri Rosenzweig, and professional corner cutter Julia Kraeplin join the club in Société de 032c; Jon Rafman, Bstroy, Irak, Peter Do, Oana Stănescu, Cactus Store Collective, and Ludovic de Saint Sernin reopen the XFILES of the 032c.com universe; and, as always, the Berlin Review says goodnight with our favorite storybooks of the season.

8 x 10.5", 295 pages

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