2020 Magazine, Issue 0
2020* Magazine, Issue 0
2020 Magazine

2020* Magazine, Issue 0

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2020 Magazine, as prepared in 2019, compiles the visions of 12 collaborators, who lay out their ideas and predictions for the year ahead - the year we're now in oof - as a compilation of trend proposals from the year before its launching. This issue explores everything from 3D outfits to insect recipes to porn to fashion trends to dressed sex dolls to food to travel, and more!

This magazine is meant to act as a solely visual experience, with all text and credits printed in invisible ink. All type can be illuminated with the accompanying invisible ink pen which has a UV light cap. 

Issue contributors: Yosi Negrín, Lola Zoido, BoiHugo, Jorge Ariza & Andrea Muniáin, Caesar Arenas, Daniel Jordán Pompa, Ronni Campana, Geray Mena, Nacho García, Yufei Liu, Climate Trip, Sofía Sanz, and more!

6.25 x 8.75", 200 pages
edition of 100