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Baroness Magazine is a limited edition erotic paperback starring the world's finest perverts. Published annually, Baroness promises (and we quote!) to be "a riotous whirl of champagne, dangerous liaisons and the hottest, sexiest men in town". 

Issue contributors include: Romy Haag, Molly Parkin, Georgina Spelvin, Colette Maison Lumiere, Harley Weir, Luigi Ontani, Penny Slinger, Sarah Baker, Federico Radaelli, Neil Drabble, Sylvia Sleigh, Itai Doron, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Eloise Parry, Anastasios Logothetis, Edith Bergfors, Andreas Artemisio, Antoinette Fernandez, and three special covers by Harley Weir, Penny Slinger and Sylvia Sleigh.

5.75 x 8.25", 222 page

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