Buffalo Zine, Issue 5

$45.00 CAD

"Buffalo is a universe in the form of a magazine: an experimental publication on aesthetics, arts, and self–expression. It comes out whenever it can and exists forever. An editorial project based in Madrid and London. With a focus on featuring new talents and timeless icons from a very personal perspective: an intimate, in–depth approach with a hint of poetry and a punk wink."

Issue features: David Bailey, Pamela Anderson, Jimmy Wales, Lily Cole, Michel Serres, Hans-ulrich Obrist, Lennon Gallagher, Patsy Kensit, Charles Jeffrey, Andrew Logan, Judy Blame, Christopher Shannon, Martine Rose, Telfar Clemens and more. Issue contributors include: Mel Ottenberg, Emilie Kareh, Brett Lloyd, Dexter Lander, Rottingdean Bazaar, Charles Jeffrey, Thurstan Redding, Andreas Larsson, Tati Cotliar, Reto Schmid, Rich Aybar, Hill & Aubrey, Ali+Aniko and Tom Johnson.

11.5 x 16", 276 pages, softcover bound


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