Dazed, 30 Years Confused: The Covers That Launched a Movement
Dazed, 30 Years Confused: The Covers That Launched a Movement

Dazed, 30 Years Confused: The Covers That Launched a Movement

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In 1991, the first issue of Dazed & Confused was released as a single A2 fold out newsprint by a then twenty-year-old Jefferson Hack and the photographer Rankin. Now, thirty years later, what began as a print magazine has gone on to provoke a change in consciousness, becoming a vital cultural manifesto for today. Created for an audience that wants to be informed and inspired to imagine, its radical approach to publishing means that Dazed is still at the forefront of youth culture today.

Split into ten chapters—taken from the magazine’s most memorable cover lines—DAZED: 30 YEARS CONFUSED: THE COVERS THAT LAUNCHED A MOVEMENT explores how these early manifestos reflect the magazine’s ethos today. Edited by Isabella Burley and art directed by Jamie Reid, the book time travels from the ’90s to now, a new generation of image makers sit side by side with archival materials to showcase how Dazed has always interpreted celebrity through its own boundary-pushing lens: from Alexander McQueen and David Bowie’s first official, recorded conversation and the designer’s “Fashion-Able?” cover, to a rare appearance and guest-edit by Chelsea Manning, to rapper Young Thug shot by Harley Weir.

DAZED: 30 YEARS CONFUSED is both a celebration of the magazine’s past, present, and future as it rings in its third decade influencing music, fashion, and popular culture and a commemorative keepsake for the publication’s legion of devoted readers.

Text contributions by Iris Apfel, Björk, Dev Hynes, Arca, Jake Chapman, Nicola Formichetti, Katie Grand, Jefferson Hack, Barbara Kruger, Chris Cunningham, Courtney Love, Rankin, Jon Caramanica, Vivienne Westwood, Nick Knight, Tyler Mitchell, Wilson Oryema, Diana Tourjée and more.

9.25 x 12"
hardcover bound
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