Err, Issue 1

Err, Issue 1

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Contemporary culture and fashion. New York.

"Err magazine is a response, an acknowledgment of the state of the world and the factors contributing to our dystopia. Drawing on cultural phenomena and objects of the capitalocene [the geological epoch of capital], this publication places fashion in the context of our melancholic collective consciousness. In this world marked by excess and overconsumption, we are consigned to accept that to err is human. The title of issue one is the climamix, reflecting the unpredictable and ever-changing state of both the natural environment and our cultural and political climates. At the time of this issue’s release, global tensions are high and approximately 5 years and 200 days [5y200d] remain on the climate clock until the catastrophic effects of climate change are irreversible. To err is human."

Issue contributors include: Jack Pekarsky, Otto Von Busch, Colin Padulo, Christian Geigel, Noah Colby, Jay Kim Valentine, Joe Van O, Nina Cheb-Terrab, Olive Woodward, Shay Galla, Shirley Tang, Stephanie Blackburn, Hector Ducoux, Natsumi Aoki, Adrianna Jurek, Giana Guerino, Amanda Cofield, Ciaran Dougherty, Mateus Jem, and more.

9 x 6", landscape
92 pages