Fantastic Man, Issue 34

Fantastic Man, Issue 34

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Fantastic Man is a fashion and contemporary culture publication, celebrated for its strong writing and in-depth interviews. United Kingdom. Biannual.

This edition is dedicated entirely to writers: new voices, legendary voices, and voices at the height of their powers. A total celebration of words and their power to create new realities, excite, arouse, inspire and change the world.

In the issue: Adventures in a word world; Paul Mendez, the debutant; The Author at Home, Samuel R. Delany in situ; Behrouz Boochani - exile writes way to freedom; Togetherness, Robert Giard's particular voices; Ocean Vuong has just finished his best work yet; A Writer Dresses Up - Abdella Taïa, in fashion; Physicality, printed matter with Wolfgang Tillmans; Neil Tennant, editor turned Pet Shop Boy; Marieke Lucas Rijneveld; Study of a Writer, Brontez Purnell gets naked; Jon Ronson, chronicler of odd individuals; Utopia - at the home of Edward Carpenter.

11.25 x 11.25", 240 pages