Fantasy Dress Up Magazine, Season 1

Fantasy Dress Up Magazine, Season 1

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Created by Lucas Lefler and Richie Talboy, Fantasy Dress Up Magazine is a physical extension of the popular Instagram handle which focuses on creating a critical dialogue between mass culture and high fashion. Biannual.

Issue contributor include: Allie Smith, Bert Martirosyan, Caitlin Phillips, Darcy Tarrenger, Emily Mazur, Ledora Francis, Lorenzo Diaz, Louise O'Neill, Loise Sartor, Mark de los Reyes, Michael Spencer Phillips, Natasha Stagg, Nicholl Paratore, Nicole Maria Winkler, Rosie Turnbull, Scandebergs, Takashi Yusa, Tom Kelly Slack, and more!

8.25 x 11", 112 pages


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