GEOFF Tee, 2020

GEOFF Tee, 2020

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF! It's your highly-predictable-at-this-point birthday t-shirt! 

What a shit year! 🎈🥂🐬😃  Here's hoping 2021 is far less worse. 

- like always, if you are not Jeff Hands, you cannot have this shirt
- unless you actually have a million dollars, in which case let's talk
- ribbed crewneck
- size large but only 'cause you'll fight me on actually being medium
- still owe you last year's tee (some friend I am)

- 100% cotton
- glad to have you home this year, even though we can't see each other 
- 😷
- you did amazing this year, truly
- rooting for you, always 
- (^ that one never changes!)