GUT, Issue 6

GUT, Issue 6

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GUT is a London-based magazine made by Ami Evelyn Hughes, focusing on art, culture, history, eroticism and magic. Annual.

In the issue: Porno, panto, strange traditions, characters, costumes, giant boobs, big girls, Big Barbies, troll love story part 2 and much more… 

Contributors and features include: Ami Evelyn Hughes, Gabriella Pounds, Zaina Miuccia, Brent McKeever, Cheyenne Julien, Akinola Davies Jr., Benji Frank, Maxwell Granger, Brydie Perkins, Raphael Bliss, Craig Boagey, Kurt Johnson, Jamie Heath, Chus&Greg, PZtoday©, Rachael Crowther, Eammon Freel, Tyla Cala, Max Allen, Dexter Lander, Spacebrat, Marta Marinotti, Giulia Revolo, Vaness Icareg, Elmer Lynch, Danni Harris and more!

8.25 x 11.75", 156 pages

Please note: Each copy of gut is wrapped in protective cellophane, and includes a separate sticker to be affixed to the cover, as pictured.