Hearts Magazine, Issue 7

Hearts Magazine, Issue 7

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Hearts Magazine is an editorial heavy fashion and culture publication, published out of Paris and New York.

In its 7th issue, Hearts explores the ideas and concepts around the role illusions play in our everyday life through social media, art, and fashion. Featuring exclusive stories with American photographer Merry Alpern exploring the subjects of privacy and surveillance, consumerism, and escapism in '90s New York City; A short story by Haydée Touitou; Doppelgängers and Deepfakes by Tatum Dooley; A fashion special with Saint Laurent; an interview with designer Cynthia Merhej of Renaissance Renaissance, and more. Plus photography stories by Image Group, Xavier Mas, Raffaele Cariou, Chaumont-Zaerpour, Charly Gosp, Cruz Valdez, and Étienne Saint-Denis.

9 x 11.25"


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