Phile Magazine, Issue 5

Phile Magazine, Issue 5

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The International Journal of Desire & Curiosity; Phile is a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view. Berlin/Toronto/NYC.

RIP Phile! The fifth and final issue. Huge congrats Mike, Erin, Yuliana and Thomas! Phile is forever in our hearts.

Issue contributors include: Erin Reznick, Mike Feswick, Yuliana Troubetskaia, Thomas van Ryzewyk, Jakob Weinzettel, Adam Gordon, Fan Wu, @etat_jt, Alissa Bennett, Andrea Flockhart, Anna Uddenberg, Brontez Purnell, Charlie Engman, Gideon Jacobs, Guillaume Blondiau, Jessica Baldanza, Marlene Dumas, Rachel Rabbit White, Robert Anthony O'Halloran, Serge Victor Ray, Sholem Krishtalka.

9 x 12", 165 pages