Spike, Issue 77 - Field Guide to AI

Spike, Issue 77 - Field Guide to AI

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Spike is a contemporary art magazine aimed at sustaining a vigorous, independent, and meaningful art criticism. Quarterly. Austria. 

Spike’s Autumn issue is decoding AI, beginning with the age-old question of what intelligence is. As the technology crashes into our old psychic and social structures, where is AI nudging creativity, labor, and politics? Maybe it’s a cheat code to liberate us from work and lead us to impossible-to-imagine visions, or maybe it will condemn us to do more minimum-wage jobs while the robots write poems and paint. Grab your copy to find out if we’re headed for evolution or extinction – wouldn’t you like to know?

Issue features and contributors include: Suzanne Treister; Suzanne Livingston on Lee Bul's Amaryllis (1999); Drew Zeiba on Kate Crawford & Trevor Paglen's ImageNet Roulette (2019); João Enxuto, Vladan Joler, Erica Love, and Sebastian Schmieg discuss AI's weirder implications for the labor of art-making; Lev Manovich –– Is There an AI Aesthetic?; Image contributions by Sofia Crespo, Jonas Lund, Sasha Stiles, 0rphan Drift, and Sara Ludy; AI Glossary by Adina Glickstein with illustrations by Komotchoto; Thomas Moynihan on our ageless awe before machinic futures; Isabel Millar –– Can AI Enjoy?; Lawrence Lek by Bogna Konior; Jenna Sutela by María Paula Fernández; Jared Madere by María Paula Fernández; Margarete Jahrmann by Mindy Seu; Pierre Huyghe by Ruby Justice Thelot; Martine Syms by Mindy Seu; Stephanie Dinkins by Eileen Isagon Skyers; Mike Pepi demasks the seven fallacies of AI art; Raziye Buse Çetin –– is Decolonial AI Possible?; Porn –– Rob Horning teases out what is un-computable libido; George MacBeth –– Is AI generated literature the successor of Surrealism's rebellion?; Martin Zeilinger on how generative tools are eroding the tenets of copyright; Portcard from Bangalore by Padmini Ray Murray; Seduction by Madeline Cash, Travis Diehl, Lilli Hollein, Francesco Tenaglia, and Deno Yago; Gesellschaft am Ende Tea Hacic-Vlahovic takes out her rages at writing bots on a Roomba, and much more! 

8.5 x 11", 167 pages