Tank, Autumn 2020

Tank, Autumn 2020

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Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

In this issue: New fiction from Daisy Hilyard; Laleh Khalili on capital cargo; The infrastructure of global anticommunism by Vincent Bevins; Mieko Kawakami on life and death; Nora N. Khan unravels the metaphors shaping consensus reality; Stephanie Sy-Quia and Nasser Hussain discuss a decolonised critical culture; Joe Kennedy on the infrrastructural romanticism of the CalMac ferries; Kengo Kuma on competing modernities in Japanese architecture; Chiara Di Leone and Luiza Crosman find polyphonic affinities with the monstrous; Jan-Peter Westad on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam water wars; sheltered fashion by Pietro Cocco; Lanvin serves up a treat; Gourau & Phong's unfathomable creatures; plus - Jenny Offill, Parag Khanna, Sianne Ngai, Holly Jean Buck and Eley Williams. (And stickers!)

9 x 12", 304 pages

Please note: Some of the stickers included in this issue will be affixed to the cover. Tank Magazine always comes this way, we do not affix the stickers. Cover sticker arrangements will vary, and as always, remaining stickers will be included in the issue.