Tank, Winter 2022

Tank, Winter 2022

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Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

In this issue: Almost three years on from the beginning of Covid-19, international travel has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels – just in time for the global economy to contract once more. But it’s during restrictive times that travel offers the most valuable opportunity to disorient, reframe and reconfigure. TANK’s 2022 Travel issue celebrates travel’s ability to pick you up and deposit you elsewhere – spiritually, personally and politically.

In this issue, Kinza Shenn took a trip to Kentucky to partake in extensive bourbon sampling while Louis Rogers made a study of the liminality of Trieste. Closer to home, Philippa Snow headed to the 2022 Miss England coronation in an attempt to uncover the contemporary gender politics of the beauty pageant, while Travis Diehl toured Rome, Florence and Venice to create a portrait of each city through its waste disposal systems. We also paid a visit to rural Ireland via Andrew Nuding’s photos of community rites and rituals and took in open-air art installations in Tuscany, as well as casting a look back over this year’s neighbourhood-themed Istanbul Biennale.

We’ve selected the most beautiful of the cruise collections 2022 for our fashion manifesto, while Sofia Alazraki framed Tbilisi as her backdrop for our cover shoot. We photographed fado performer Carminho against a backdrop of some of Lisbon’s most lustrous locations, and spoke to her and Maxmara creative director Ian Griffiths about collaboration and conducting. Plus, we interviewed Elif Batuman on imperialism and the novel, Maria Stepanova on memory and Manuel Solano on art and the suburbs.
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9 x 12", 256 pages

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