Tank, Winter 23/24

Tank, Winter 23/24

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Tank focuses on fashion, art, contemporary culture and current affairs. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

About the issue: "Travel transfigures: when we move, we change. In this issue, we celebrate the ways in which travel compromises, confounds and contorts us.

This metamorphosis is not limited to space. In this issue, Cici Peng travels back in time through the caves of Lascaux to connect with our artistic forebears; Kinza Shenn discovers the fictional landscapes of Ursula K. Le Guin in the real-world environments of Oregon; and Alejandro Aravena generates new futurity through his concept of incremental housing.

In Dijon, Hester van Hensbergen cuts the mustard, while John Merrick plays fair in Vienna. Esme Hogeveen keeps island time in Newfoundland and Masoud Golsorkhi considers Renzo Piano’s Istanbul modernisms. Jan-Peter Westad retraces Nietzsche’s steps in the Swiss Alps and the second year of Mitico brings contemporary art to Belmond’s Tuscan paradises.

On Kyushu Island, TASAKI provides pearls of wisdom, while in LA Kathryn Scanlan talks Idaho racetracks, and Stefano Pilati presents his first collaboration with Fendi. Lucy McKenzie does the mannequin challenge in Turin, we steal a frozen moment with Khrisjoy, and in Bangkok, Eric Tobua and Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer turn trash into treasure. We time travel with Cartier and explore the convenience stores of the world. Plus, we interview Dorothy Cross on art and dead animals, Florence Knight on the humble potato and Bhanu Kapil on the soul of a poet.

Finally, in the wake of the still-unfolding situation in Gaza over the past month, with its wide-reaching repercussions globally, we speak to Esra Özyürek, whose research into Jewish-Muslim relations in Germany is essential reading.

As always, each issue includes a sticker sheet. Some of the stickers included in this issue will be affixed to the cover. Tank Magazine always comes this way, we do not affix the stickers. Cover sticker arrangements will vary, and as always, remaining stickers will be included on the sticker sheet in the issue.

9 x 12", 288 pages