The Face, Spring 2024

The Face, Spring 2024

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The Face covers the best stories, culture, talent, fashion, photography and design from around the world. A no-brow bounty of film, sports, sex, drugs, pop, politics and more. Quarterly. United Kingdom.

Issue features: Charli XCX, D-Block Europe, Dominic Sessa, Nia Archives, and Kristen McMenamy. Plus! High art, hard places, raw visions, the biggest small town in America, and a phone call with Goldie while he makes a pizza.

Contributors include: Agata Belcen, Alana O'Herlihy, Alexandra Gordienko, Ally Macrae, Andrew Sauceda, Artemis van Dorssen, Bob Foster, Charlie Kwai, Ethan Herlock, Ewen Spencer, Gary David Moore, Gemma Baguley, Hamish Wirgman, Hendrick Schneider, Iman Amrani, Jak Hutchcraft, Jebi Labembika, John Maizels, Kyle MacNeill, Lina Abascal, Luca Trevisani, Mark Borthwick, Moni Haworth, Nick Haymes, Owen Thiele, Pavel Golik, Richard Kern, Shaad D'Souza, Sofia Lai, Sian Davis, Stephanie Perez, Suzie and Leo, Takashi Homma, Taylor McNeill, Thisle Brown, Venetia Scott, Zara Mirkin, and more!

Volume 4, Issue 18
9 x 12", 304