Violet, Issue 16

Violet, Issue 16

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Uniting internationally established women in the fashion and creative communities, Violet invites the most talented and highly sought-after female photographers, stylists, editors, artists and writers in the world to collaborate and make each issue of Violet a landmark. The Violet book is published biannually out of the United Kingdom. 

Issue contributors: Bay Garnett, Cathy Kasterine, Ashlee Barrett-Bourmier, Bex Day, Carissa Gallo, Ed Greevy, Emma Elizabeth Tillman, Jem Mitchell, Maya Skelton, Rema Chaudhary, Victoria Will, Yelena Yemchuk, Alison Sudol, Emma Dabiri, Gabriel Brandon-Hanson, Jesus Herrera, Katie Ebbitt, Sophie Barshall, Teju Adisa-Farrar, Thessaly La Force, and more!

8.5 x 11.25", 200 pages

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