Viscose Journal, Issue 5 – Retail
Viscose Journal, Issue 5 – Retail

Viscose Journal, Issue 5 – Retail

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Viscose is a new journal for fashion criticism. Launched between Copenhagen and New York in 2021, the periodical publishes critical writing and projects by a wide range of authors from the worlds of art, fashion, literature, and academia. Through specially edited thematic issues, Viscose gives space to projects that challenge and expand the possibilities of research, practice, and critique of fashion.

The fifth issue of Viscose Journal explores fashion’s multifaceted retail spaces and cultures. With the evolution of shopping in the 20th and 21st centuries as its focus, the issue looks at the shop as a central nexus where communities and identities are continuously produced and re-imagined through commerce. With a special attention to the role of fashion retail within urban spatial politics, we seek out histories of projects—often developed with or by artists—that have embraced the shop as a medium of both possibility and contestation.

The magazine design evokes the ephemeral shop receipt that will similarly curl and materially register its reader as it’s used. The receipt is an official proof of a commodity’s acquisition and value, an artefact of a kind of in-person consumption that is often evoked as rapidly heading to extinction. Viscose’s 5th issue invites readers to use their item until breaking point.

Published in partnership with Storefront for Art and Architecture and International Library of Fashion Research. With the generous support of Between Bridges, Berlin.

Issue contributors: Canal Street Research Association, Dennis Brzek, Ana Howe Bukowski, Michael Bullock, Felix Burrichter, Noah Dillon, Harun Farocki, Anna Franceschini, Ignacio Gatica, Christian Hincapié, Juje Hsiung, Jessica Kwok, Rhonda Lieberman, Matthew Linde, Vésma McQuillan, Marge Monko, Museum of Modern Shopping, Cheuk NG, Luis Ortega Govela, Camila Palomino, Andreas Petrossiants, Leah Pires, Rose Salane, Alice Sarmiento, Sean Vegezzi, Post VSOP, Evie Ward, Leah Weirer, Jeppe Ugelvig, and more.

6.25 x 10.25", 211 pages

Issue Co-Editors: Camila Palomino & Jeppe Ugelvig
Assistant Editor: Cheuk Ng
Creative Director: Filip Samuel Berg
Art Director: Laura Silke
Fashion Director: Juje Hsiung
Interns: Aurora Gerini & Marley Wendt